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At Satoyama Farm, we embrace the organic movement and sustainable agricultural movement that has grown in popularity worldwide. Our 20-acre integrated organic farm rests in Serian, Sarawak. We are a social enterprise focusing on Rural Economic Transformation in Sarawak.

Our Vision and Mission

We are committed to help generate interest in agriculture among the rural youth in Sarawak and cultivating a Research & Development culture among them; and working closely with the Regulators thereby bringing about the rural economic transformation driven by the private sector.

Our Strategies

We are collaborating with Government Research Departments to identify the local plants and insects for poultry feed and to use biotechnology and molecular technology to grow the plants abundantly and healthily as well as to produce the immuno-stimulants, poultry feed and herbal tonics.

These know-how and management methodology are to be transferred to the rural communities to enable them grow their own poultry feed.

We, Satoyama Farm will handle global marketing for their chickens including up scaling for their home-grown plants, poultry feed and herbs.

Our Objectives

To promote science-based solutions in agriculture and balanced regulatory framework in achieving our Vision as well as adoption of international standards and global equivalency for food safety and climate change.


Member of 4 per 1000 Initiative

As a member of 4 per 1000 Initiative, we at Satoyama Farm are committed to increase soil organic matter and carbon sequestration through the implementation of agricultural practices adapted to local environmental, social and economic conditions.

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