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Why we do what we do

Continuously Improving Our Way to Help Life Go Right

We at Satoyama Farm knows that it requires patient labor and attention. Plants and animals do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them. We realized that learning how to improve produces is the key to our success, and access to new technologies and producing methods has given us an opportunity to increase the quality of our production – the key to maintaining the long term sustainability for our farm.

We are continuously improving our technologies to best understand the soil, what kind of nutrients they may be lacking, and has been collaborating with other organizations to expedite our R&D effort.

what we do

Our Integrated Research And Development Sections

Organic Compost

Production of organic soil and compost to produce organic plant.

Organic Plant

Production of organic plants to produce organic feed.

Organic Feed

Production of organic feed to produce organic chicken.

Organic Chicken Husbandry

Production of antibiotic free and free range chicken from organic feed and organic farming methodology.

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